There is no after-hours pick-up or drop-off. Closing time is 6:30 pm.

**Minimum Regular Weekend Boarding is 4 days**

Boarding charges are calculated, per calendar day; NOT by the night. Includes group, family or individual play.

Reservations may be made for longer but there's no check-in & check-out on weekends & holidays.

Regular weekend guests, must check in by 6PM Friday, depending on holidays.

A Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable Booking Fee, equal to 2 days

boarding is required to make all reservations. This fee is a credit to the final bill at check-out but IS

non-refundable & non-transferable if reservation is cancelled, or rescheduled, for any reason.

As long as space is available, dogs can stay past reserved check-out day, but, if picked up before

the reserved check-out day, those reserved days are still added to the final bill.


~~~~~To make a boarding reservation, please call or email to make sure we have available space.

Click the Pay Now button, enter appropriate dollar amount

($70 for 1 dog, $120 for 2 dogs, $180 for 3 dogs, $240 for 4 dogs) click thru each step appropriately.

Enter your information & requested dates keeping in mind there is no check-in & check-out on weekends & holidays.

The merchant processor sends automatic receipts to you and us. We enter reservation in calendar then send confirmation to email address provided for the transaction.

(The Pay Now link is merchant processors encrypted site) We do not store credit card information.

Boarding Guests & Daycare Pack-Members should be picked up by 6:25 PM

Where Happy Dogs Run Fast & Play Hard

Check-in & check-out is 6:30 AM - 10:00 AM & 3:30 PM - 6:20 PM Monday to Friday. Boarding guests should be checked in by 6:00 PM. Closing time is 6:30 PM.

*Appointments can be made, as early as 6:00 AM & midday, upon request. Must be scheduled at least 1 business day ahead.

No boarding check-in or check-out on weekends & most holidays.

Please remember, there are no after-hours drop-off or pick-up. Closing time is 6:30 pm. Boarding Guests must be checked in by 6PM. Daycare & Boarding dogs should be picked up by 6:20 PM.

The above "winter hours" which began Mon., Oct 23, 2023 remain in effect. I'm still on-site to supervise daycare & playgroup dogs ALL day; I needed a solution to limit random traffic.

***Accepting New Dogs for Daycare Consistently

Yards become muddy with rain & sprinkler use in hot weather. Please be prepared to transport wet and/or muddy dogs.


I've been asked, by some clients, to use Facebook, again. Updates are here but we'll see what happens. Previously, my personal account was shadow-banned & in FB jail, due to politics & beliefs, which affects attached pages. I'm still all about HAPPY DOGS.

Please use caution stepping thru the gate, over a pipe. (It's a gate meant for a dog run.) PLEASE CLOSE ANY GATE YOU WALK THRU

Fur Family Mobile Pet Grooming is available, on-site, by appointment. For scheduling & pricing, call 360-522-5066.

As a small business, cash & checks are very much appreciated & preferred.

***We do not store credit/debit card information***

Please park in gravel. Parking elsewhere makes it harder for other drivers & creates a safety hazard as owners & dogs cross the driveway.

Please walk dogs in the grass by the gravel parking area

I don't understand, why, over the past few months, owners started letting dogs pee on the fence by the front door and all along the front of the building. Even allowing dogs to pee in the reception area. This has not been an issue previously. I understand dogs get excited, anxious, etc., and accidents happen but owners need to be paying attention to where and when dogs get to relieve themselves. Any messes need to be cleaned up immediately.

Accepting new dogs consistently. Intact females accepted for daycare only.